Monday, October 26, 2009

SOA Manifesto Marketing Twaddle

Last week a small group of mostly vendor representatives plus a couple of analysts and authors came together last week in a seemingly self important manner to develop an SOA manifesto. Of course the primary reason for the event was marketing, and we shouldn’t be surprised that the result is superficial in the extreme. The primary worry I have is that they came up with a manifesto that actually confuses rather then assists in wider, deeper understanding.

CBDI members will know from our long standing research that the key to architecture, and SOA specifically, is to define principles that a) uniquely differentiate the architectural style and b) enable governance. I wonder how this group managed to omit crucial matters such as separation of provider and consumer, standards based and abstraction?

Meaningless marketing twaddle, but because the vendors sponsored this, political correctness will prevail. Yuck.

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  1. Along the same lines:
    A Manifesto from the Snake Oil Association (SOA)

    The SOA Manifesto (aka Snake Oil Agreement, or SOA) has been published, attempting to set out a value system for SOA deployments modeled on the famous (and useful) Agile manifesto. Like the Agile manifesto, the SOA version was written by a team of people some of whom are luminaries and personally people I respect hugely. Unlike the Agile manifesto however, the SOA manifesto is nothing more than snake oil to give the vendor community a thin veneer of respectability atop their increasing bureaucracy, deteriorating levels of innovation, and increasingly painful pricing models.