Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CBDI SAE Knowledgebase Roadmap

I penned this note for one customer last night and figured it might be interesting to a wider audience:

Since Version 2, CBDI is updating the KB on a regular basis rather than issuing major releases at less frequent intervals. Also CBDI has separated out the development and production versions, and we now create migration packages as part of our normal process. Therefore this creates more flexibility for licensees. 

Licensees may now choose to a) migrate Journal updates on a regular monthly basis, as this will be a relatively trivial task, and there will be demand from KB users for this to be made available when they see CBDI publishing and promoting new reports 

b) to migrate other changes on a timeframe that is convenient to them.

In terms of the overall roadmap we published our intentions for 2009 in January. See:

We are tracking reasonably closely to this agenda:

  1. Productivity, cost reduction and business value.
    We have undertaken significant work on project management in the last few months and this will be scheduled for KB update in due course.

  2. SOA as BAU
    We have already published reports on CM, SLC management and tooling and are currently working with various vendors to produce tool specific guidance and repository schemas.

    As part of current work on new eLearning modules (see below) we have moved our guidance forward on the Implementation, Deployment and Technology Architectures, plus the Governance discipline and we will incorporate this work into the task, technique structure shortly.

  3. Standardization
    We have recently published a major report on our work with UPMS and SoaML.
    We are currently finalizing a detailed guidance note on TOGAF 9 and SAE and a journal report will publish very shortly; detailed mappings and guidance will follow in the KB. The comments re ITIL and other frameworks are very much in plan.

  4. Better Business Modeling
    Recent reports published in this area. We plan to continue this work. We are also giving a public workshop on the topic in June and expect the outcomes of that to be published in the KB.

  5. Evolving SOA Architecture
    On the plan

In addition to the above, we are currently delivering a major upgrade to our eLearning modules. These are designed to provide fundamentals level education beyond the architect community – which we perceive as a significant area of weakness in most organizations. Further modules will be planned to cover more advanced topics shortly. Our policy is that all eLearning modules are available to KB users.   

In addition there is a constant and progressive process of refining our guidance based on customer feedback and our own consulting engagement activity. We have recently opened up the discussion forums in the KB and are requesting customers to provide feedback on development prioritization.