Thursday, August 11, 2011

… so you should do a SOA Certification! But which one? And how?

After a near death experience SOA is alive and well. After mixed early learning experiences, most enterprises are seeing SOA in a fresh light. Just the other day one company was discussing with me their "SOA Reboot" project! They are in good company.
I observe widespread activity that is based on doing SOA properly a second time around, including portfolio planning, shared services, good governance and not least education and certification of in-house practitioners and service providers’ personnel.
There are several sources of SOA education and certification including ZapThink, SOA School and Everware-CBDI plus several of the larger vendors. At Everware-CBDI we have approached the certification process as a result of our extensive model based practitioner experience and the creation of a comprehensive methodology and approach documented in the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase. Our customers who have subscribed to the CBDI Journal over 14 years acknowledge us as an authoritative source of in-depth practice guidance for business driven architecture, specification, design, management and governance.
Our approach has been rather different to the other vendors.
1. We realize that while certification is important, it is critical to minimize the cost and particularly the time involved in obtaining a quality certification.
2. We have prioritized making the entire process online from start to finish.
3. Time and cost optimization is particularly important for service providers who are driven by high utilization targets. Equally end user enterprises and government departments are also under pressure and appreciate sharp focus.
4. We don’t re-label videos of Face to Face classes as eLearning; we create short, narrow focused, fully scripted elearning modules that are purpose designed.
5. We organize the modules into syllabuses for different roles. Of course SOA is about architecture, but we package the learning for architects, designers and project managers to make it as efficient as possible.
6. We believe education and certification is part of continuous learning and skills development. That’s why our certification is backed up with the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase containing detailed meta models, profiles, process descriptions, patterns, task and technique descriptions, together with deliverable templates and other useful tools, plus a vast inventory of guidance. All cross referenced and consistent with the eLearning. A practitioner’s toolkit!
The table below attempts to compare the options available for education and certification. E&OE.

CBDI ZapThink SOA "Schools" Vendor Training
Online Learning and Certification
Online Price$1200 or $399 per syllabus $1995
Integrated Best Practices, Guidance and Resources
Syllabuses for Architecture PLUS other roles
Self Study ResourcesBundled$1596 or 50% discount with F2F course
Certification and Exam CostBundledBundledBundled$200 - 300
In house Corporate or individual use. Volume discounts???
SCORM compliant for enterprise LMS integration
Vendor Independent
Deployed online by world leading service providers and enterprises???

Try the sample CBDI eLearning and Certification Modules (no charge registration required)